Can you believe school is just a few short weeks away?!

This summer has been a challenging one. With two kids 6 years apart, there is always someone fighting or arguing. To make matters worse, I have been questioning our toy selection. I mean, what kid REALLY wants to hear all of these obnoxious noises.

This mama has been secretly taking out batteries just so I can have a tiny bit of piece and quiet before the next “Mom! He’s touching my stuff” starts back up.

I mean, are you even a mom if you haven’t lied to your kids about their toys being broken just so you can have 10 minutes of piece and quiet.

This set comes with 150 pieces which includes the magnetic tiles, play mats and the magnetic covers. This set is perfect for any age.

My 8 year old loves to be challenged and follow the directions to build one of the three buildings (hospital, police station or a school) and my 2 year old enjoys making 3D shapes.

The quality of this set is amazing! Believe me, my 2 year old has chewed on and threw these tiles so much and they still look new out of the box!

Click here to purchase the 3 in 1 Magnetic Tile set from Picasso Tiles.