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When we moved to Florida from South Carolina, Alayna didn’t understand that her friends lived too far to just come over for a visit. As a child, it’s very hard to visualize just how big the United States actually is.

When we discovered the Best Learning Interactive USA Map, she automatically started to understand just how far some of our friends actually were.

Not only is the map a great tool for her to visualize where all of our friends/family live, it also has a ton of educational learning built directly into the map!

With 500 facts, children can learn about the climate, capitals and fun facts about every state. There is also a quiz mode (based on the facts) with a basic and an advanced option. Unfortunately, I does not tell you the correct answer if you get it wrong but it does beep to tell you it was wrong and gives you two more chances to find the correct state before it moves on to the next question.

The map also has an option to hang it on the wall which is great for displaying it and you can even play with it hanging.

Even with the map lacking on the quiz option, it makes up for it on the facts of every state. These were facts that my husband and I had no idea of. This map is such a great learning tool and a must for little curious minds.

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