I didn’t own a cat growing up. Honestly, I didn’t think I liked cats. The thought of some animal clawing at my stuff, leaving me dead rodents and the dreaded litter box, no thank you!

That was, until we adopted Lola. This sweet little kitten was found starving in a drain with her deceased brother. Still, very malnourished, she was a happy kitten who always just wanted to play.

Upon bringing her home, we noticed she had developed a bad habit of clawing at carpet. Several scratching posts later and a few packs of those claw covers, we were still struggling to stop her from destroying our floors.

Almost two years later, we think we have found the solution. Pet4Fun’s cat lounger + scratcher has been a new obsession for Lola. With the detachable teaser, she has spent hours batting at this fluffy accessory.

The smart design of the lounger is curved and adds so many angles for your cat to scratch, which has attracted Lola to use it more versus our carpets.

Not only is it her favorite thing to scratch, it’s also her favorite napping place. When she wants to get away from the kids, she hides in the narrow holes on the bottom and can peacefully sleep without being bothered. Must be nice to be a cat. I wish I had that option!

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