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Engagement Rings

Find the engagement ring of her dreams. Shop our lab-created diamond engagement rings, made from 100% ethical diamonds you can feel good about buying.

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Engagement Rings

We have everything you need to design the perfect diamond jewelry, from solitaire ring styles to princess cut diamonds. We have every engagement ring style and a wide variety of center diamond shapes and metal choices. The ideal diamond ring setting and a stunning center stone come together to make the perfect engagement ring!

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How to Shop for Engagement Rings

When you seek the ring of her dreams, it will be tricky to keep it a secret and find the perfect style. As you start to look for the diamond engagement ring that she always dreamed of, start the think about your partner's style. What diamond shape would they prefer? Are they a yellow gold person or someone who would choose rose gold? White gold is the most popular metal color for fine jewelry in recent years, and for a good reason, as it goes with everything.

While hunting for the engagement ring they always dreamed of, start asking friends and family what they think your partner would like. Be careful here as you don't want to ruin the secret. If you are building a custom engagement ring, get as many details as possible. It may be helpful to learn discrete ways to find their ring size, such as a ring size chart.

Engagement Ring Styles

How will you know what style of engagement ring is right? It may be challenging to imagine the different styles of diamond rings on your partner's finger. How will it look with the wedding ring? We have a guide to engagement ring styles that may help you narrow down what your partner would like to wear.

The primary types of engagement ring styles are solitaire, halo, three-stone, classic, and vintage. As you shop through the various designs, you can see how they would look in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold and get a feel for what sort of ring your partner would want to wear.

Do You Need More Help?

As you look for the perfect jewelry to signify forever with your partner, you may not be sure what you're looking for. We have a shop by style section, ways to shop by diamond shape, and even ways to shop by collection. This way, we are sure you'll find something you love among our engagement rings with ease. Engagement rings are forever, so take your time looking to find the right engagement ring style for you.

We know it may be stressful to shop for diamond rings, but with Clean Origin, you can rest easy knowing you are getting 100% ethical lab-created diamonds.

Need help finding the perfect diamond ring for you? You can schedule a virtual appointment with our diamond experts. Taking the time to talk with a jewelry consultant will set your mind at ease during this stressful process. We know your perfect ring is just one or two clicks away!