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Wow have we had some crazy rain here lately! With the rain comes the dark and gloomy days. I love nothing more than sitting in a dark room listening to the rain but I have kids now. So like my sanity, my nice quiet days are gone and are now filled with screaming children……

Who remembers playing hide and go seek with flashlights as a kid? This was the best rainy day game if you asked 9 year old me. To put a spin on and old game, we played hide and go seek with Little Experimenter’s night vision binoculars. Seriously, where was this when I was a kid?!

The guidelines state its acceptable for ages 3+ and as you can see, that is true in my house. This sweet crayon eating toddler of mine just couldn’t understand that he was looking into it wrong but he still had fun pretending.

Sister on the other hand put it to the test. With the combination of the green built in flashlight and 2X magnification, she had no problem finding us no matter where we hid.


There is no need to focus the binoculars and the neck strap makes it easy to wear around. There is also a safety clasp on the neck strap so if your kids fight like mine, the neck strap will pop off if it’s pulled.

Now that all of our energy was out, we decided to pull out the Little Experimenter’s illuminating world globe. With its non-tip base and it being 8 inches in diameter, it’s the best globe for small hands.


Alayna has been studying the different countries and continents so this was a great way to get a few minutes of study time before school the next day. Although, the best part is that if you press the bottom button, it illuminates.

This has a permanent spot on my daughter’s night stand. She will spend a few minutes before bed spinning it and naming the various countries she lands on. I can’t really blame her either. With all the fun colors, it’s hard not to love this globe!

These are just a few of our favorite rainy day toys.

How do you stay busy on rainy days?

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