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If your a longtime reader of mine, you know, I love quiet time. My children foster so much energy in their little bodies and sometimes, it leads to straight meltdowns. I try to avoid this as much as possible by having numerous quiet times throughout the day, most only ranging to about 20 minutes so help reset their tiny little minds.

Scentco has not only an array of adorable, smell good products, they are also super affordable! Each product I have listed is under $10! Yes mama, you read that right! You can do your happy dance now!

They have a new product called Air Dough which is a great sensory tool! The dough is very stretchy, soft and can mold into whatever your little mind desires.

In our Scentco Dinosaur World Air Dough Kit, we received a few tools, 6 air dough’s in a variety of colors and a how to guide showing the different dinosaurs you can create.

Aside from making dinosaurs, she has made sea creatures, bunny’s, farm animals, literally any and everything that has sparked her creative interest. There is also a handy color chart on the side of the box so she can make the exact color she needs for each figure.

Water Magic is also another great quiet down item. Inside this book is a ton of thick pages that, when wet, turn into colorful pictures. The water pen that is included also has a scent that is guaranteed to last for 2 years!

Once the pages have time to dry, they turn white again and are reusable. This mess free coloring book has become a lifesaver on family road trips.

Finally, who remembers the scratch and sniff stickers from the 90s era? I remember collecting every sticker I could find and sticking them to my homework folder. Opening Scentco’s Scratch & Sniff Sticker Activity Pad sent me right back to my childhood. With pages of scented stickers and different backgrounds, you are able to create several smell-good scenes.



What do your children do for quiet time and is it a necessity in your home?

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