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Let’s be honest, technology is everywhere When your two year old teaches you new things on the iPad and your eight year old does the majority of her homework online, that’s when you know, times have changed.

Alayna (my eight year old) loves math but unfortunately for her, this mama would rather have all her teeth pulled than figure out how many seashells Sally has at the end of her day.

We came across this exciting game called Plugo Count and Alayna couldn’t wait when the box came in. Not only is it an educational STEM math game but it is also used in conjunction with our IPAD.

This set came with a game pad, a Count spike, how to guide, 4 math operator cubes and 2 pairs of number cubes. Setup was very simple and the directions are pretty straightforward. It can also be used without WIFI once it has been set up so you can take your learning on the go.

The count spike sits on the game pad and the number cubes are used to answer the math questions that come up. All of the questions are in story mode with there being 3 (4th coming soon!) different STEM games to choose from and 250+ levels.

Alayna’s favorite game is the Tales of Numero. Numero is a fox that is on an adventure to find the ingredients to a brew. She navigates around objects throughout the story by solving math problems. This is when you use the number cubes and the count spike. For example, the game will ask you to solve 8+2 to remove the log from the pathway for the fox. You will use the count spike and number cubes to answer. So you would put a 1 cube and a 0 cube to make ten as shown in the photo below.

The mathematic questions are based on the grade level you specify for your child and work best for ages 5-10 years old. This is a great hands on STEM learning program that will continue to grow and challenge your child all while playing fun games.

Being able to watch my little mathematician become excited about learning makes me feel proud as a parent and reassures me that I am setting her up for success. This math hating mama even played with the game once Alayna was in bed for the night and guess what, I loved it!

If you have a future Einstein on your hands or even just a child who is struggling with math, this game is sure to teach and challenge them all in a fun way!

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