The items listed were generously gifted to our family for our honest opinion. All opinions are 100% my own.

We’ve all been there. Birthdays, holidays, special events – occasions where we need to bring a gift for a child/children but have no idea what to bring.

Wicked Uncle is a hidden gem in a google search full of online toy stores. What sets them apart from the others? All of the toys are categorized by age, making it super easy to find the best unique toy for that special child. The also have a birthday reminder so you’ll never miss another birthday again!

If the ease of picking out a toy in the comfort of your pajamas doesn’t win you over, the included thank you note, gift wrapping option and option to add a greeting card should have you jumping for joy. See what I mean?

Imagine ordering all your gifts from the comfort of a massage chair at the nail salon, just saying!

My 2 year old is so hard to shop for so I did my own order through Wicked Uncle and look at how adorable the wrapping paper is that we picked out!

Although the best part (aside from the toys, of course) has to be this thank you postcards! Teaching thankfulness is so important, not matter the age. I love how easy it is for even my youngest to fill out and send off. By the way, check out that hilarious joke on the bottom. Did you laugh too?!

The first gift we opened was the Animals MagnetiBook. This kit included 30 magnetic jigsaw pieces and 10 animal cards.

Once you pick a random card, the object is to try and recreate that animal using the magnetic pieces. Each animal is made up of 3 pieces.

Naturally, this made my son’s imagination go wild and we went from making a tiger to creating a new animal called a riger (half rhino, half tiger). The possibilities are endless with this game.

Next up was this adorable Balancing Game – Nutty Squirrel. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d know wooden toys are my favorite! They are so durable and can be passed down from child to child.

The idea is to stack as many nuts onto the squirrel before it all comes tumbling down. This game is a lot of fun! I love asking my youngest “can you put on a orange nut?”. Not only is this helping him learn his colors, he is also learning patience and is practicing hand eye coordination. The 20 nuts also come with a drawstring back making storing and cleaning up a breeze.

This last gift may seem very simple and nothing special but I’m about to blow your mind! This is my go-to gift for any child. What is it? Play Foam!

Keep in mind, this recommendation is coming from a mama who banned slime, putty AND play doh from her home. I despise anything that gets stuck in my carpet and creates more cleaning time for me. So, without further a-due, let me introduce you to my best friend.

This Play Foam 20 Pack is mess free! Yes, that’s not a typo!! Vacuum’s right up and doesn’t stick to carpet, hands, clothes or cats (yes, that’s unfortunately been tested by our 2 year old). It’s comes in 20 individual pods and 8 different colors. Inside each pod also has a cute little character printed.

Ready for the best part of all? It doesn’t dry out! Once your children are done squishing and molding with them, you can throw them all in a bin without having to search for containers to seal them in. Easy clean up!

This company simply amazes me at the time and effort they have put into creating an online store that makes shopping easier for busy mamas like myself. From the unique toy selection, easy search options, gift wrapping, thank you notes and greeting cards, you can’t go wrong with Wicked Uncle.

Click here explore all of what Wicked Uncle has to offer.

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