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The Orboot smart globe and app takes you on a journey throughout the world using steam and augmented reality.

With Orboot, you can venture to New York, China and anywhere else in the world that your heart desires, all from the comfort of your own home.

Included with the globe, is a passport, book of stickers for your passport and a stamp. These are great touches and my daughter automatically started playing with the globe to try and fill up her passport! 

Upon opening the app, there are five different games that you can play with the Orboot globe; Quiz Wiz, Mysteries, Explore, Tour and Oko Park.

Quiz Wiz has 6 different quizzes available. They range from animal quizzes, monument quizzes, map quizzes and more, all based on the orboot globe. 

The choices are in multiple choice and there is also an option to get a hint and use the globe to hunt for the answer.

Mysteries of orboot has 10 levels, ranging from easy to difficult. Here you are the detective and have to find clues on the globe to solve different puzzles.

Explore let’s you freely roam the globe and press on any monument, cuisine, animal and fact to learn more. This is where we used our passport to fill out the different places we traveled to and write down our favorite fun facts. 

Tour is one of our favorite sections of this app when we are away from home. The globe is not needed for this section but the amount of knowledge it gives is up to par with the other sections. Here you can press on any 3D animal and learn information and fun facts about them.

Oko Park is the last section of games but it does not disappoint! Here you learn about the ecosystem and how important it is for there to be a healthy balance. Like adding a raincloud to stop a drought.

The possibilities with this globe are endless and the amount of knowledge that it gives is priceless!

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