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I constantly struggle at finding ways to keep my two kiddos busy. I hear I’m bored at least a gazillion times a day. Who knew all those expensive toys I bought at Christmas would just be collecting dust by January. *insert annoyed mom face here*

Both my kids love arts and crafts. My 8 year old is very artistic but my 2 year old, bless his heart, he’s just a crayon eater. Even so, he is very determined and to him, the world is his canvas. So is my couch, walls and floors. Our poor cat even gets attacked with the occasional permanent marker (thank goodness she’s black).

From the chaos I described above, you can only imagine my excitement when I received this water mat by mummed in the mail. I opened it immediately and guess what?!?!?? Complete silence….

The set came with 4 water pens, 6 small stamps, a stamp pad, 10 water resistant animal cards (has fun facts on the back about each animal) to trace with, suction cups for the mat and a how to draw book. The drawing book was easily my oldest child’s favorite.

I was nervous on how my two year old would act since he loves unscrewing the tops of pens and markers but the these markers are specifically designed so that kids can’t unscrew them. It took me a minute to figure out how to unscrew them but luckily, my kids haven’t mastered it yet.

I was also pretty impressed with the facts on the animal cards. Did you know Polar Bears don’t have white fur? It’s actually transparent! Seriously, mind blown!

Then, we decided to try paint brushes with water on the mat and that kicked everything up a notch! Until my toddler dumped all the water but hey, just a little bit of drying time and we were back in business.

Isn’t this mat gorgeous!!

Not only does this mat use only water to draw with, it also dries very fast and can easily entertained my kids for hours. Plus, if my Picasso decides to draw on anything in my house, it’s only water…….so technically, he’s cleaning. Draw away little crayon eater, draw away.

You can find the mat on Amazon here.