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I’m always trying to find ways to get my kids off the tablets and back to playing with toys. Technology is a lifesaver sometimes but have you ever tried to take an iPad away from a zoned out child. They turn into YouTube hungry GREMLINS!

This afternoon we decided to try out a few toys from Kidzlane. This matching egg set was a huge hit with Brandtley!

This Count & Match Egg Set includes 12 eggs and a very durable case that resembles an egg carton. Not only do the eggs match up by color but they also have match by numbers.

Brandtley quickly started matching all of the eggs and placing them back into the carton. This has easily become one of this favorite games to play.

Our oldest prefers more challenging toys and had a blast with this Grand Prix Racing Car set.

The controller is so easy to use as it is just four buttons. No joysticks or complicated directions. It also has a 35 foot range.

Want to know our favorite feature??!! They’re so quiet! No loud obnoxious car sounds that most remote control cars have. Just imagine being able to watch a movie while the kids are occupied racing cars. I did and let me tell you, it was glorious!

The quality of these toys are great! They’re both are made of very durable plastic and have withstood hours of playtime.

Check out all of Kidzlane’s products here!

Color Matching Egg Set

Grand Prix Racing Cars